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The Arts in Los Angeles


What Can I Do?

Support these organizations that strengthen access to the arts.

CCF has been a major funder of the arts in Los Angeles County for decades, granting $18 million since 2000 and serving as one of California’s largest funders of individual visual artists. CCF’s Fellowship for Visual Artists supports Los Angeles artists to help them reach the next level in their professional development and ensure a long-term, sustainable career in the arts. 

Here’s the Situation

  • California ranked 46th in the U.S. in per capita state arts funding for 2015-16.
  • In June 2016, Governor Brown included a $10.8 million funding increase in the state budget for programs of the California Arts Council.
  • At every stage of life, the arts contribute to many positive outcomes, such as encouraging connections to people, places, and concepts, openness to novelty and promoting the ability to see multiple perspectives.
  • Arts education helps students become better readers and writers.
  • Arts education develops creativity, an important attribute and one of the top five skills employers prize for the 21st Century.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Even with the 2016-2017 state budget increase for the California Arts Council, arts funding remains a significant barrier. Community arts programs create healthier and safer communities so ensuring access to arts education and fostering an environment in which art is a viable career choice not only benefits Los Angeles culturally but also helps the well-being of the community as a whole.

Arts Education

In California, state law requires that schools provide music, art, theater and dance at every grade level, but few districts across the state live up to the requirement. In addition to the state working with districts to ensure that they are in compliance, there also needs to be significant reinvestment in arts programs as the economy improves and funding is restored. In the meantime, some schools have taken advantage of Los Angeles being an entertainment hub and have sought sponsorship from the major film studios.

Fostering Careers in the Arts

The California Community Foundation’s (CCF) fellowships to artists working in the visual arts is a unique opportunity for artists because it is an investment in an artist’s career rather than in a particular project. CCF awards one-year fellowships to outstanding Los Angeles-based artists based on artistic merit and commitment to L.A. In addition to an unrestricted grant, artists attend a retreat and have opportunities to develop business skills to be fully self-supporting over time.